Blarney Castle Daytrip from nearby Cork

A Blarney Castle daytrip is one of those checkboxes on the must-see lists of many visitors to Ireland. At under 10K away, a Blarney Castle tour from Cork is something to consider when building your itinerary.

I'll admit as an American living in Ireland, Blarney Castle was one of those things I didn't get around to until nearly 2 years after our move to Dublin. My family visited Cork once previously, but we spent more time in and around the city rather than looking at Cork day tours options.

When to visit Blarney Castle

A lot of visitors to Ireland schedule day trips from Dublin down to Cork in the summer. So know that this destination can get crazy busy from a seasonal perspective. We had American friends visiting us in November over the week Thanksgiving is celebrated in the United States and so we were able to take advantage of a lull in tourism. Blarney Castle staff remarked that the climb up to the top of the tower and waiting to kiss the Blarney Stone would have taken 3-5 hours in summer months as opposed to the 5 or so minutes we experienced.

Timing is everything... As the weather can change at a moments notice in Ireland, it's best to keep Blarney Castle/Cliffs of Moher flexible in your itinerary. Blarney Castle would probably be great on a sunny day, but it is equally doable on a persistently wet and rainy day (similar to what we experienced). You really are going to want to see the Cliffs on a day where rain is minimal so consider switching up the order of Cliffs/Blarney Castle depending on your weather conditions.

How long should I plan for my daytrip?

This is a pretty subjective question and will depend on your traveling companions. With four children and two adults in our party we spent about 3 hours (even with the rain) but could have spent another hour or more had conditions been drier. The Blarney castle hours range from 9am to 5pm in the winter months to 9am to 7pm in the summer months ( and the castle grounds are massive which much to explore (dungeons, rock garden, poison garden, etc.)

Yes, you heard that right - poison garden - your kids will love it!

Blarney Castle Poison Garden

What should I bring?

This is Ireland - if you forget to bring a raincoat (like I did), you will be mercilessly punished by the rain gods... Fortunately you can get souvenir umbrellas (now that's a practical Irish souvenir) and those cheapo plastic rain ponchos in the gift shop conveniently located at entrance/exit. You might also want to bring a headlamp/flashlight as quite a number of the castle rooms are unlit/dark.

Arrow slit view from inside the castle

Alternatively, in a pinch you could probably use your phone flashlight to illuminate.

Tote along a water bottle if you are planning to roam the full park grounds. There are some onsite options for food/drink, but the castle grounds are quite large and having a water bottle handy is just good sense...

Blarney House and grounds to the south

Blarney Castle history tips

There is some limited signage around the grounds that does explain a bit of the history, but you are probably going to get the most out of the experience through reading up on it prior to your visit. My kids had a lot of questions about the caves and the Blarney stone itself including such gems as:

  • Why do you kiss the blarney stone upside down?
  • Where did the blarney stone come from?
  • Why is there marijuana in the poison garden? (yes it's in the Blarney castle poison garden)

My Interpretation

The stone is said to impart the "Gift of Gab" to those that kiss and since we all know blarney means non-sense, the upside-down and backwards ritual just seems to be logical...

There are a host of theories as to the stone's origins - most steeped in legend/myth.TLDR: No one knows for certain.

Other nearby destinations

  • Blarney Castle to Cliffs of Moher is about 170Km depending on your route. Also time of day will factor heavily - this is going to be a minimum of 3hrs of travel between them. You might possibly see both in a day, but you'll need to be starting from either one attraction or the other to maximize your time.
  • Blarney Castle to Fota Wildlife Park is about 25Km (25-30 minute by car). This is a great option for kids as you can spend 3-4 hours or more at Fota with kids.

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