Bray Head

November can be a great time to hike the Bray to Greystones trail - a lot less tourists and the uncertainty in weather can deter a few of the less determined. Mid-afternoon or early morning are great choices for catching nature in some great light. The lower trail is traversed by about 99% of the trail walkers but if you take the time to venture along the upper route you'll be greatly rewarded with epic vistas from the very top. Make sure you pack a rain jacket because you may be getting wet irregardless of what the Apple Weather app may indicate...

Hiking up the Head from Greystones

This route can get a bit muddy in the fall/winter. In May/early June, the ferns along this route can be pretty massive and will soak you if you chance thru after a rainstorm...

Early morning is a good time to climb the Head if you want to avoid the crowds. Evening can also be a great time to take in a big sunset and the view out towards Dalkey/Howth across the bay.

Dalkey Island (middle) and Howth Head in the far distance

Bray Head is topped by a large cross made out of cement - the symbol of the Catholic faith which runs deep in Ireland.

Summit at Bray Head

Taking the "high road" along the top of the head is a nice reprieve from the tourists who usually cram up the lower trail 100s of metres below...

An evening stroll along the beach is a nice way to end the day...

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